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Monster Rancher Online by LegendCup.com is an Un-Official Monster Rancher Tournament Site with permission from Tecmoinc. We have a Chatroom, game saves, tournaments, screenshots of monsters, pics of entrant's monsters, Monster Rancher Links to many other fan sites, raising tips and methods for your monster, and a message board that you can join which allows you to receive emails of up and comming tournaments.

Browse the Online Monster Rancher Tournaments and look at the Online Competition, or stop by our Chat and talk about Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, Monster Rancher Advance, Monster Rancher Advance 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card, Monster Rancher Hop-A-bout, or even the Monster Rancher Anime. Sorry, we do not support the use of ROM players or ROMS. We do not have any cheats but we do have tips and methods in our FAQ for help in raising powerful monsters, even to all 999 in every stat without cheating. Our Gallery secion has Monster Rancher Pictures from all MR games on the Playstation and Playstation 2 consoles. Please enjoy the site!

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Monster Rancher Metropolis

This is an excellent site with loads of information that is gold in the hands of any rancher!

Updated CloneCD instructions for Windows 10.
Corrected a few broken links after migrating the site.

Check out Monster Rancher DS on facebook and become a fan!.

Accepting Monster Rancher EVO pictures for compiling a gallery. Go here for details Touched up some old tourney data, Removed "accepting Entry" links.

Legendcup.com is no longer accepting tournament entries, chatroom or forum accounts.

Legendcup.com WILL remain open for Tournament and picture archival purposes.

Thank you to ALL the loyal fans and participants over the years, without you all Legendcup would never have been what it was..

AKA: Monster Fenrick

All images and sounds related to Monster Rancher are property of Tecmo, inc. This Monster Rancher Fansite was created with the intention of promotion of things Monster Rancher. Legendcup.com and it's associates do not claim to own any of these properties, images, graphics or sounds but has permission to use them at the discretion of Tecmo, Inc. Please see the Legal page (link below) if there are any concerns.



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